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Hostel Waqwaq – Tokyo

Hostel Waqwaq, Tokyo, Japan.

📍 2-20-2, Kitaueno, Taito-ku, Ueno, Tokyo, Japan, 110-0014

With a name that resembles what everyone’s favourite yellow blob (PAC Man) says when he eats those yellow dots and those sexy ghosts, a human could be so enticed by the name that they would book up a stay there and that would be correct, but that would also be a perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover, or by its name in this instance.

As much as the name is amusing, this hostel won’t bring you much amusement and is one of these hostels where it’s just a bed to sleep in and nothing more. It’s a hostel with less atmosphere than a university library around exam time, just a bunch of people being quiet and actively avoiding human interaction. The lack of atmosphere is really made apparent from the get-go when you’re informed no talking in the rooms (even if it’s during the day at say 2 pm). Yes, the atmosphere isn’t the be-all and end-all but when you simply can not talk to people in the rooms; and the only place you can do so is in a tiny common area with just 3 tables, one small couch and about 6 chairs that they kick you out of at 11 pm, it doesn’t do anything to create an atmosphere. Especially the whole kicking out of the common area business, forcing you to be bed-confined or forced to sit on the floor looking like a sad lemon. The reason is that people on that floor will be sleeping, which is fair enough, but to simply not be talking and watching something with your headphones on, not making any noise, c’mon Waq Waq pal!

Waq Waq Tokyo isn’t all bad though, there are some good qualities. The location is great and very ideal for Tokyo with two subway stations within a short walk and areas such as Ueno and the Tokyo Skytree also in walking distance gives it a more favourable score. Ok room space and the fact western pillows are used, along with curtains being on all beds top or bottom helps bump up the score but that’s really what’s majorly going in its favour, Waq Waq doesn’t really have much going for it.

In the rooms the beds aren’t comfortable, the WiFi can be very hit or miss on certain floors especially the 6th floor where the showers are located and the kitchen area is just some microwaves, a fridge, small stove packed into one tiny tiny area. The staff despite being around on site 24 hours are hard to come by and are never at the front desk even at peak check-in times, you have to call using the phone on the front desk to get one to come to check you in. To see a staff member at the front desk when not checking someone in is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a nice thought but not a real thing you will stumble across.

One major issue though was the cleanliness, there was a lack of cleanliness in the place especially in the toilets. Toilet rolls were not replaced regularly despite having the incredible Japanese toilets that wipe your arse for you (toilet roll is handy to dry with). It wasn’t just the lack of toilet rolls, the bathrooms weren’t cleaned on the regular with one toilet having a small pubic hair like strand on top of the toilet roll holder throughout the stay. Some areas were rather clean but the ones that weren’t stood out more than a goth at a Christian summer camp.

Overall Waq Waq Tokyo isn’t that great, it’s a place to stay for a night and nothing else. If you’re just wanting a bed to sleep in then it will do the job for you and won’t be a huge inconvenience, but if staying for a few nights then maybe go elsewhere, but hey it’s cheap for Tokyo and that thought can keep you going as you munch on some 7/11 fried chicken on the ground next to the staircase at 11:34 pm. Waq Waq Tokyo is certainly deserving of the ‘better than a park bench grade’.

OVERALL SCORE: Better than a park bench


Free earplugs. No cost for towels. Great location. Ok room space. Curtains around beds and western pillows.


. Dead atmosphere. Uncomfortable beds. Awful common area (that you get kicked out of at 11 pm). Not the cleanest. Staff never at front desk despite being around 24 hours. Very small kitchen. Meh WiFi.

Credit: Unsplash


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