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OtU By OstiC House – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

📍 Jln Prawirotaman 1 Gang Batik Gringsing No 517, Mergangsan, Yogyakarta

Remember when you were a child and you’d see these bunk beds that had a slide from the top bunk down to the bottom bunk and you would instantly want one but never got one unless your parents were loaded or sold enough timeshares in Baghdad. What if we told you that as a sort of functioning adult you would be able to live out this childhood fantasy simply by booking the ‘Fun Bed Dorm’ that has a slide in it at OtU By Ostic House Yogyakarta.

Yes, that is a possibility and you can spend your free time sliding down the two slides in the room until your arse gets sorer than… we’re not going to make that joke. The room with a slide is one of the outstanding features and selling points for OtU By Ostic House. Yet it’s not the only room that’s got some fancy feature to it. OtU also advertises a ‘Tall Bed Dorm’ which is larger for all you BFG’s (Big Friendly Giants) and even has a different blanket that won’t leave your toes sticking out at the end for all the wee demons to nibble on at night. The ‘Wide Bed Dorm’ is another advertised dorm for people who need more room to sleep and in no way of saying you must be a sumo to want to book this room, more just a hey more space equals more yay.

No matter what room you book the room will be spectacular. Kitted out with air conditioning, curtains around the beds, lamps and own personal outlets by your beds, it ticks off many boxes that make it an unreal room and that’s not even moving onto the sheer amount of room space there is. The room has a lot of space, enough for you to make the Step Brothers joke by shouting ‘THERES SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES’, which hopefully results in your travel buddies judging you for making the over used reference. The beds are also reasonably comfortable and don’t make a sound by any slight bit of movement, overall there’s nothing bad to say about the rooms.

The hostel is clean and pristine, the staff are incredibly friendly and they have many offers on trips, experiences and provide scooter rental as well all for a decent price. One of the better parts of the hostel is the common area which is the main square of the hostel, highlighted by the pool and the wee waterfall fountain thingy against the wall of the pool. The pool is quality and there’s enough space to splash about like an 8-year-old or do some lengths like an old man on holiday, the only downfall is that you’re not allowed to jump into the pool and have to walk in like you’re on some fragrance advert. The common area has a cooking area, not so much a kitchen but enough for like small stuff, lounging chairs to bask in the sun and some beanbags which are quality to take a nap on after a long train ride into Yogyakarta.

OtU By Ostic House has a lot of highlights to it and the only small low light it’s a little hard to find as the location isn’t the most ideal but it’s still in a quality location with restaurants, some fast-food chains a small walk away and convenience stores such as Indomaret are only a street away from OtU Yogya.

OtU Yogya is an incredible hostel and ticks off everything you want and need from a hostel. From its bonus points such as unique rooms and the room with a slide in it, to the secondary points such as common area and pool, and to the important stuff with its general cleanliness and good WiFi. OtU By Ostic House Yogyakarta is everything you need and more from a hostel and you will have a stay as pleasant as a cold cider on a warm summers day, certainly fitting of a sexiest of the sexy grade.

OVERALL GRADE: Sexiest of the Sexy


• Unique rooms including A SLIDE IN ONE

• Great common area

• Clean and pristine

• Comfy beds

• Good WiFi

• Outlets at beds

• Curtains around beds

• Room space is spectacular


• Location isn’t the most ideal but it’s alright


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