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Step Inn Guesthouse and Hostel – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

35-37 Jalan Pudu Lama, Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, 50100

When you go to Kuala Lumpur, the first thing you think of is not the spectacular Petronas Twin Towers, the food or the number of hookers on Bukit Bintang shouting ‘sucky fucky’ or ‘fuck me hard’ as you walk by, it’s obviously the lizards that run rapidly about the walls like they’ve taken a bunch of drugs. Yes, that is an accurate statement and is certainly what everyone wants to see most, which you can easily witness the lizard versions of roadrunner at the Step Inn Guest House and Hostel in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Now that’s not to put you off the Step Inn Guest House and Hostel, they’re actually pretty cool and nothing to make you feel uneasy unless you’re a little bitch.

The Step Inn Guest House is in a very ideal location with it situated in between four popular destinations: Little India, Bukit Bintang, China Town and the Petronas Twin Towers, all in a reasonable walking distance. The amazing location is a huge plus giving you plenty of things to see, experience and not to mention eat all in relatively close distance. The hostel is close to many restaurants and fast-food chains, as well as 7/11’s and other quality convenience stores, whilst being tucked away from the noise of the busy roads.

The Step Inn Guest House ticks off a lot of boxes in what you need in a hostel. The WiFi is great, the beds are comfy, has a reasonable kitchen and it’s very clean. One of the better parts of the hostel is the atmosphere it provides. Now hostels shouldn’t get a huge negative mark against for atmosphere as you may be in a hostel where the people there are rather anti-social or it’s a rather anti-social city like New York. However, if there’s a relaxed environment established from the get-go along with the common areas. These common areas are what makes this relaxed environment and the outdoor common area at the Step Inn KL being what creates the atmosphere.

At the back of the hostel next to the kitchen is the outdoor common area that has a foosball table you can use upon a purchasing a beer, along with seating that is rather open helping create conversations amongst strangers. Having not a huge amount of chairs with small tables and more long padded benches opens this environment up creating the traditional backpacking hostel life atmosphere. Step Inn is a hostel where you can easily make friends and go out with them for food and beers freely, which is the best part of the hostel. It’s not the most luxurious of hostels but that also helps with the fabulous atmosphere.

Step Inn KL also really covers a lot of the bonus features such as purchasing of soft and alcoholic drinks for a reasonable price, free toast and spreads for breakfast, purchasing of essential items and rental of items such as an adaptor and has a tv in the indoor common area. The only major complaints are the room space being a little on the smaller size and the sheer heat of the rooms.

In the rooms there isn’t a tonne of space, they’re relatively packed, including the private rooms where the double bed takes up 4/6th of the room, which is a bit of a pain. The biggest complaint out of the two is the sheer heat in the rooms. Yes, South East Asia and Malaysia is a warm place and not one for thermal tights, puffy jackets and covering your body up in layers, but inside a building there needs to be an escape from the heat and the Step Inn KL fails on this. The rooms are constantly warm and like a budget sauna, they’re all equipped with a fan whether it be a wall fan or a rooftop fan but it doesn’t tackle the heat well. Many nights you are dripping in sweat like a biggest loser contestant on day one of their workout and diet, and it’s not fun, even sleeping naked doesn’t help the situation either.

With these two complaints, it unfortunately drops the hostel down from receiving the top grade to a grade of Very Nice. Overall it’s a quality hostel and it’s also very cheap even for its private rooms, which you can never complain about! It’s an incredible hostel for any South East Asia and Malaysia traveller, that helps you easily see the lovely city of Kuala Lumpur whilst making some travel companions and buddies along the way.



• Comfy beds

• Incredible atmosphere

• Great WiFi

• Clean

• Has a lot of bonus features

• Outstanding location


• Room space isn’t great

• Constantly hot and warm even with the fans


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