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Swanky Bunk Hostel – Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

📍Jl. Pantai Pererenan No. 156, Pererenan, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, 80351

The definition of the word Swanky is posh and classy. Now looking at Swanky Bunk Hostel, based in Canggu, Bali only a 300km walk to Pererenan Beach, you wouldn’t instantly think wow this is ‘Swanky’. For a common hostel goer it can certainly be classed as swanky in retrospect to many hostels that are in South East Asia with it being rather classy and aesthetically pleasing.

A hostel which its looks match one of an Instagram gym influencer, you’re instantly taken back by its general aesthetics. Looking at the hostel from the roadside it gives you the non-typical hostel feel with it being very open and only covered by a roof and only the rooms being inside a building. Not typical for many hostels to have this but is a really cool bonus feature that instantly gives a relaxed and chilled out vibe which helps with the pool being right at the front of the establishment. From the get-go, you can tell this isn’t your typical hostel.

Going into the rooms you are greeted by these big lockers that could fit about one and a half average-sized 7-year-old children in, where you are instructed to place your backpack and luggage, a unique feature that optimises space in the room which is rather handy however it alienates the pricks who have suitcases and not backpacks as they won’t fit into these lockers; but that’s what you get when you go backpacking with a suitcase. Overall the lockers are a decent idea especially to keep the room tidy and again optimise the space but can be a little inconvenient when you have forgotten something in your bag.

In the rooms, there is a decent amount of space and it’s an en-suite shower and toilet. The bathrooms it’s self are quality with the showers being rather spacious. Every bed including the top bunks have curtains around them but one major inconvenience when you’re assigned a top bunk is that the curtains don’t fully go around the top bunk so people will still be able to walk by and see you naked in bed. The beds are reasonably comfortable, nothing special but not like sleeping on a concrete floor in a Middle Eastern prison.

There are plenty of things to do within the vicinity with there being a pool table, ping pong table and obviously the pool that features alongside the fairly ok standard WiFi. One of the main issues with Swanky Bunk is that there is no kitchen if you want to eat you have to either order from Grab/Gojek or eat from their kitchen and bar. Now for many people, that’s pretty sweet and it shows that you don’t need a kitchen to make it as a hostel, however, it’s a bit annoying if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend restaurant prices on your meal. That being said Indonesia is very cheap but if you are on a budget of 150K Rupiah a day (after accommodation costs) one meal from Swanky Bunk will dent quite a big hole in that- not to mention when the food service is over and you’re wanting a hot meal you have to order in or drive out. If you’re ok with buying meals there you can swim in the pool while you wait and they’ll be able to serve you still, with there being stools in the pool to sit on too, you can much and drink whilst you’re wetter than a wet wipe.

Overall Swanky Bunk Hostel is a unique hostel with a nice atmosphere with its open spaces, swanky facilities and really clean nature, fitting of a Very Nice grade. The ability to not cook own food and pay to get food from their kitchen is a bit of a pain but you can always order in or hop on a scooter that you can rent from the hostel for a reasonable price to a close-by Warung at least.

Overall Rating: Very Nice


• Great location only 300km walk to Pererenan Beach

• Unique feel and atmosphere

• Curtains around bed

• Fantastic room space
• Has a pool

• Fab facilities
• Polished and clean.


• No kitchen

• Curtains don’t fully give you that privacy when on a top bunk

• Have to order in food when you want hot food outside the hours the hostel restaurant is open


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