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Atlas – Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

📍 Jalan Kepiting Gili Trawangan, Gili Indah, Pemenang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 80361, Indonesia

In the midst of the party island Gili Trawangan, roughly two streets from the main strip and where the boats back to mainland Bali or to the other islands in the region lies Atlas Hostel. Situated amongst many other hostels, hotels and establishments Atlas Hostel really sticks out from the rest of the establishments for its quiet yet loud nature. Down a street that is quiet enough to not hear the loudness of the nightly parties on the island yet is close enough to walk to without the ‘ugh I can’t be fucked’ feeling when you need to venture to the main strip.

Gili T is known as the party island of Bali that has a larger population of Bintang bottles than the country of Luxembourg. A magical island that is a mushroom lovers paradise with shroom shakes being common all over the island. Despite the party lifestyle that rages across the island, it also is rather peaceful and tranquil during the day with its general beauty and crystal clear blue waters, and Atlas Hostel’s environment really mixes the two lifes on the island. During the day it’s a really peaceful hostel with George Washington the cat running about whilst you chill out in the pool, while at night it’s still peaceful but also home to many pre drinkers and people taking advantage of the free shisha provided.

Upon arrival you instantly fall in love with the hostel with the friendly staff bestowing all the info upon you. One of the pieces of info that sticks out is that there is no kitchen which is usually a bit of negative however on Gili T getting groceries and food to cook is as hard as getting over 75% on Through The Fire And Flames by Dragonforce on Guitar Hero 3. On the island it’s not the simplest to get groceries so having a kitchen you can purchase food from in the facility is helpful and especially with a free dinner being provided. Yes you heard that right, free dinner. Not free breakfast. Free dinner! Absolute scenes. Breakfast you have to purchase which is fine but did we fail to mention that there is a free dinner! Prices for the breakfast is rather cheap and the on site bar is reasonably priced as well making it the perfect space for a cheeky wee pre drink before you go spew your lungs out into the sea crying over how you love life more than birds love left over french fires next to a bin.

The rooms are genuinely spectacular with the dorm rooms being only a 3 bed room max, that have plenty of space to store your bags under the beds right next to your own personal safe. All rooms, dorms or private, are en-suite that are cleaned daily by the cleaning staff. There isn’t a bad thing you can say about the rooms, everything is spot on and pristine, it’s a decent hotel quality but a cheap hostel.

Between partying during the day the hostel offers snorkeling tours and other activities/events you can sign up for with the safety guarantee you’re not being ripped off and that you’re being provided a quality service with fellow Atlas humans. Gabby and Mark, the Queen and King of the establishment are commonly found not only on these activities but also around showing face all the time interacting with you and chatting away like they’re the ones you’re traveling with. They genuinely provide a homely, comfortable experience that is like no other. If you need anything at all they’re more than happy to jump to help out and sort things out for you and will do anything they can to provide an incredible stay.

Atlas Gili T is a hostel like no other, it’s got the perfect balance between ‘party party drink drink’ and relaxation, it’s got so many bonus points to it that just add to the overall charm of the place. It’s generally hard to say anything bad about the place and all we can think of here is the lack of kitchen to cook own food in but at the same time it’s generally not needed at all. The topless, oily and extra sexy Jason Mamoa of hostels, Atlas Gili T is most definitely a high sexiest of the sexy grade and will be one of the best hostels you will ever stay it.

OVERALL GRADE: Sexiest of The Sexy


• Room space

• Comfy beds

• Plenty of storage including a safe


• Has a pool

• Fabulous staff

• Great location

• Free Shisha



• Nothing, maybe that some people in the hostel may like pineapples on pizza which is a cardinal sin.


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