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5 Hidden Gems of New Zealand

When travelling anywhere the touristy places tend to get ticked off, unless you’re that edgy hipster traveller that only goes to places off the beaten path that no one else goes to as you’re not ‘mainstream’. A lot of travellers however deem some places as too touristy, which sort of disservices these locations a lot. These places are filled with tourists for a reason, if it wasn’t a place with some sort of compelling aspects, then people wouldn’t go. That’s a given. Full stop.

Yet some places are truly compelling and filled with the attractiveness that makes you want to assault your bank account and book up a trip to straight away, but aren’t tourist hotspots. A hidden gem so to speak. A place that’s like finding a $50 note in your jacket pocket, not known it’s there, but as soon as you discover it, it brings you so much joy and 5000 1 cent sweets.

New Zealand is a country filled with more hidden gems than a billionaires jewellery collection. All over the country that brought you Lorde, there are incredible spots that are unknown to many but adored by their visitors. Your new favourite backpackers tour company Travel Democracy have comprised a list of of the best hidden gems in all of New Zealand, all just for you. Making these places go straight upon your must see travel list after you have booked up on one of our amazing tours and experiences of course


Plimmerton, Porirua

A go to escape for many who live in the capital Wellington with this beautiful location only being a short train ride away. With this suburb not really having a huge amount of things to do it tends to get overlooked by many, which is a very unfortunate thing as this area is very stunning. Filled with multiple walks that will take you through some gorgeous scenery and many islands to explore, Plimmerton is the place to go for a relaxed escape from the city life.

Credit: Unsplash


Omanawa Falls

Only a 30 minute drive from the town of Tauranga, Omanawa Falls is a spectacular site that will make your jaw drop more than a punch from Muhammad Ali in his prime. Once at the destination it’s only a short walk to the viewing point of this magnificent 35 meter high waterfall. However the path has been closed off for safety reasons. With there being a tunnel beyond the viewpoint that takes you directly to the bottom of the falls being deemed unsafe, they decided upon closing the whole path. As much as it’s officially closed off, an average of 60 people a day visit the falls regardless. Many visitors have created a sort of ‘route’ over the hill and tunnel to still be able witness the fall from below. Omanawa Falls is one of New Zealand’s best waterfalls and certainly is a spectacle to behold but we do recommend to take care if you do desire to visit this site. Just remember the path is closed for a reason and many people have been injured trying to reach the fall from below, including an unfortunate case of one person not surviving their visit. Take care and always be cautious.


Putangirua Pinnacles

The southernmost point of the North Island, just a short drive from Wellington, lies this spectacle of beauty that is certainly a hidden gem of NZ!. Corrosion transformed these cliffs into the large pinnacles they are today, giving you world class views to snap those insta candids on. Also a location for any Lord of The Rings fans with the pinnacles being one of the film locations of the iconic movie franchise. Also at this stunning location you can witness seals laying on the shore doing their best middle class woman in holiday impression. A hidden gem that certainly needs to be added to your New Zealand bucket list.


Cave Stream Scenic Reserve

Only an hour outside Christchurch, down the street from Castle Hill is the impeccable Flock Hill, the location of where the final battle of Narnia, in the Narnia movies was filmed. Within the same area is the Cave Stream Scenic Reserve. A 594m long cave within the reserve is the highlight of the area, with two walks available that lead you to the entrance of the cave. The ability to walk through the impressive cave is also possible but only recommended if you have caving experience and come well prepared for the walk. This area and Scenic Reserve is full of many beautiful views and is a hidden gem that needs to explored by all visitors to the Canterbury region.


Lake Ruataniwha

Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki are the two most iconic lakes visited in NZ, but not too far away from those outstanding lakes you will come across the gem Lake Ruataniwha. A more quiet and peaceful lake than the two more known neighbouring lakes, this lake boats natural beautiful blue and turquoise’s glimmering in the sun. A place that is great for all the family, with a retro slide able to be used to slide into the waters and some swings that overlook the pristine waters. A beautiful lake perfect for a relaxing day out or a trip with the family, Lake Ruataniwha will draw you in with its aesthetics and peaceful charm. One hidden gem that is highly recommended.

Credit: Dreamstime

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