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The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping In Airports

So you can’t get a hotel cheap enough? Your flight comes in at an awful time and makes you miss check-in at a hostel? Or you’re just a tight wee bastard and fancy saving a few pennies? Then sleeping at the airport is the option for you.

For many sleeping on the cold floor, or on a solid metal bench where you can feel the edges stick into your spine, is the ultimate last resort only to be done when you have literally no choice, however, for some, it’s a common occurrence that can sort of becoming relaxing strangely. Regardless of your circumstances resulting in an airport sleep, you will just have to suck it up wee pal. Thankfully for you, here’s the ultimate guide to sleeping in airports.

It shouldn’t be said but it has to be. Every single airport is different, has its own features and even its own rules for sleeping in. The first thing you need to do before sleeping in the airport is going to http://www.sleeping in and check if you can spend the night there. Never presume you can then end up sleeping outside in the freezing cold or sitting in McDonalds at 3 am on Saturday night fighting off drunk and high people trying to steal your happy meal toy. Sleeping in airports website is a lifesaver, use it before you go anywhere near the airport with your pillow.

Now that you’ve seen it’s ok for you to sleep in said airport and you won’t be kicked out until 5 am, the first thing you need to do is walk about the airport to scope out the surroundings. You don’t need to be discreet and you don’t need to be strutting your stuff like you’re a Victoria’s Secret Model but get those steps in and walk around the airport. You want to scope out good places to sleep, where outlets are for charging, where toilets are and where you can get food and drink from whether it be from a vending machine or an overpriced shop (bring your snacks, it’s easier). It’s imperative you do this as you need to know your surroundings before you sleep, people don’t go to hotels and not roam around the facility to see what’s on offer and the same for when the airport is your 5-star penthouse suite for the night.

Once you’ve scoped everything out you need to find a spot to sleep that you are comfortable with and that you can sleep. Some airports can be heavy picky about where people can sleep, one minute you can be on the comfiest chair dreaming about Cliff Richard stroking your hair with a protein shake to having some policeman speaking to you in Japanese directing you to the 4th floor. However, likely, you won’t know this until told otherwise so it’s not an issue at all. Places to avoid sleeping is right by a door into the airport, somewhere it may get really busy early in the morning waking you up (i.e, right next to check-in desks) and around lots of others when you can avoid this. There are always plenty of spaces to sleep in airports, it’s all about choosing the right one for yourself and what you want. If charging your electronic devices up all night then find a spot with an outlet, which can be hard at times but can be found, if you’re worried about security then maybe somewhere near a camera or where staff go in and out of frequently is a good spot and even down to do you want to sleep on a chair, spread across a bench or starfish in the typically cold floor need to be considered. Regardless of your preference, there will be a spot for you.

When you’ve found your spot all you need to do is relax, eat some food, drink some fluids and pass the time. Most of the time you’ll be sleeping landslide which means it’s going to be 10x less comfy than the other side, but it’s not too hard to get comfortable. You have plenty of time to get comfortable, get self-organised to go to sleep or get drunk as fuck, it’s now just the hard part – actually trying to sleep. To be fully honest there’s not really any guide to how to physically sleep in the airport nor will there be an ultimate guide to sleeping in airports all about falling asleep, but you want to be comfortable with where you’re trying to sleep despite how uncomfortable you are. The best sleep you will get in an airport is when you’re somewhat comfortable, if uncomfortable and trying to sleep it’ll take forever and it’s likely every 78 minutes you’re waking up praying it’s check-in time.

The best advice in this guide to sleeping in airports is to have fun and try to get comfortable. It’s not that scary or daunting sleeping in an airport. You’re unlikely to get robbed of your stuff (still be careful) and attacked by someone in your sleep, everyone who is in that airport sleeping is on the same boat as you. Have fun, eat some food and watch some movies whilst laying on a cold hard floor staring at an empty check-in desk.

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