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5 Most Underrated Cities In Europe

There are more cities in Europe than beers your alcoholic uncle drinks in a month. Just like the beers he drinks, some be completely underrated. With the sheer amount of cities on the continent, there is no doubt there will be quite a handful of underrated cities in Europe. From the ones that are in less touristy destinations to the ones that get outshined by their more famous and popular counterparts, here’s a list of the 5 most underrated cities in Europe.


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Laying in the west of the country in the region of Tyrol, this mountainous city oozes sex appeal. To put it into better terms, if you were a single city looking for another city on Tinder then you’d be super liking faster than roadrunner trying to catch the last train of the night. The city’s aesthetics are simply sensational, from the vibrant coloured red buildings to the mountainous landscapes. The little sister to the capital Vienna, Innsbruck gets a little less love than its older and more known sister but is still frequently visited with many world-class ski resorts such as St Anton and Obgergurgl situated in Tyrol. More used as the go-to airport for ski lovers than a city of interest our wee sexy pal Innsbruck is one of Europe’s most underrated cities despite being one of the most beautiful.


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A city within the U.K. and on the island of Ireland (let’s stay on the fence), Belfast is one of the UK’s and Western Europe’s most forgotten cities. With Dublin being only 2 hour trip across the border many tourist flock to the capital of Ireland over the capital of Northern Ireland. Mix in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland being the more go-to touristy cities with the U.K., Belfast gets left alone being that wee city off the mainland that can get a wee bit political and sectarianised. Despite its reputation and stereotypes, Belfast is a fascinating city with its own charm to it. From the moment you step into the city, you’ll be dragged in by this gravitational pull of charm that all single men in a club would die to have. From the very friendly locals who love a bit of craic, to the lesser-known history, to the surrounding scenery (hiya giants causeway hen) and the fantastic pubs, Belfast is a booming city that needs to be visited. Certainly one of Europe’s underrated cities.


Credit: Loser Travels

If there was a bet to be held that resulted in you getting kicked in the shins by a kick-boxer in steel toe caps for every person who answered ‘Helsinki’ to the question of name a city in Finland, how messed up do you think your shins be? The answer would be very, more messed up than your emotional pals’ makeup after seeing a puppy die in their arms. Tampere is a heavily underrated city that many people have never heard of. Situated a 2-hour drive north of the capital Helsinki, Tampere is Finland’s second most populated city and a rather smaller sized city filled with a lot of industry and saunas. A city famous for its industrial past, you can see a lot of its industrial nature within the appearance of the city mixed with classic architecture and classic modern urban buildings. Tampere is also the sauna capital of the world with so many saunas for you to strut about naked in like you’re the naked Victoria’s Secret Model of Tampere.


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100 Loser Travels points to you if you can pronounce the Slovenian capital perfectly. Despite the not-so-simply pronounced name, Ljubljana is one o the most underrated European cities for sure. An outstanding city aesthetically and culturally you will be scratching your head and in profound thought about why you haven’t visited sooner. The nation’s capital and largest city, sitting right in the heart of Slovenia, has more greenery than your local weed dealer does. From the all-embracing Tivoli Park to Park Špica, there are many parks to relax in and indulge in the rolling hills and mountains that encompass the city. Ljubljana has a little bit of everything, from many museums, bars, cultural artefacts and rivers that flow throughout the city. To put it bluntly, you have to go see Ljubljana and see how it’s such an underrated European city for yourself!


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Albania as a nation is not the most overly touristy place despite how it has everything and more. With that in mind, the capital of the country, Tirana, easily cements itself as one of the most underrated cities in Europe. A developing city that still has glimmers of its sketchy, but highly interesting, recent past mixed in with modern living, Tirana is truly a remarkable city. Remnants of its communist past remain with plenty of old-school communist architecture combined with more modern structures creating a unique atmosphere to indulge yourself in. Another city on this list engulfed in nature, you can still feel as free as a hippy skipping through a field of daffodils whilst being able to sink yourself into a coffee and people watch amongst the structures. For dazzling views of the city, simply take the cable car up Mount Dajti and watch yourself audibly wow more than Owen Wilson does in any of his movies.


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