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Hostelworld Group Chat

MUSIC FOR THR SOULLLL! Words that any frequent YouTube viewer will groan at loudly, almost as much as the infuriating “Granny, I got the job”. Thankfully though this advertisement by Hostelworld isn’t even that close to the anger you would feel bursting through your veins when granny replied “Oh wonderful” in such a condensing fashion.

If you haven’t seen this advertisement by Hostelworld then you will likely be fully unaware of Hostelworld’s new feature of a chat room for people who are staying at the hostel you have booked so you can make new gal pals and play horses with them until dinner time. A big ass group chat for travellers staying at whatever hostel tickled their pickles, yay pickles indeed.

A very simple concept that can be hugely effective for all travellers especially the no-friends Frederick aka a solo traveller. The use of this feature will allow you to break the ice in conversation instead of awkwardly sitting down near someone at a hostel and grunting heavily whilst you stare at their sunglasses tan lines, making it easy for people to make travel buddies to go on adventure time with. For a solo traveller meeting people to experience things with and to have hold your hair back when you’ve drank too much at the beach is an imperative part of the experience. The old line your pal who hasn’t grown out of the justgirlythings.tumblr phase has hung up on their wall comes to mind – ‘it’s not the destination, it’s the journey and people you meet along the way’. Cringey and cheesier than the cheesecake factory but very true, a huge part of solo travel is about the experiences you have and the people you meet. 

Credit: Unsplash

This move by Hostelworld has the potential to be such a game changer and enhance the solo travelling experience. Allowing you to make more friends, go out with more people and be less anxious about having to strike up a conversation with a random stranger without having to use the classic line of ‘Hey where are you from’ and proceeding to respond to their answer with ‘nice-uu, I’ve been to *insert country here*’ or ‘nice-uu I’ve always wanted to go’. Classic meeting someone new whilst travelling conversation starter.

Testing it out was certainly a must to see how it operates. To be able to use this feature you must have already booked a hostel whilst logged into your account and then you’re able to start chatting to people who have also used the Hostelworld App to book into the same hostel, easy as politicians make being an arsehole look easy.

From when you book you can simply press the chat button and not only does it allow you to chat with fellow humans in the same hostel but allow you to join other chat rooms. Chat rooms about food, sightseeing, sports and even just a big group chat for the destination you’re in. Being able to not only just chat with people from your hostel but also all the humans who booked on Hostelworld in your destination is a power move. Say you booked into a very small hostel or one with a lack of atmosphere, you can jump onto the destinations chat room and hiya you got pals.

The only downfall of the app is the bunch of generic chat messages you can send, whenever someone sends one of them people ignore it harder than a parent does to their annoying child. Hostelworld has made massive moves bringing this feature to the travel game and it’s going to be exciting to see how the chat features develop. Enjoy meeting your new travel pals on Hostelworld and don’t drink too much.


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