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Lub D Philippines Makati – Manila, Philippines

There are times when we travel when we want a little bit of comfort. Maybe it’s home comfort, maybe it’s comfort from a certain plush toy or maybe having rather nice accommodation for one night. It’s a common thing that happens when you spend months living in a run-down hostel with beds that sound like they’re going to cave in on you. If you want to still have the hostel life but also have some serious comfort, then book into Lub D Philippines Makati.

Located in Manila’s famous party district, Makati, Lub D Manila is one of the swankiest hostels you will ever come across on your travels. An accommodation for backpackers and regular holidaymakers, Lub D doubles up as a hostel and a hotel. The hostel is a resident of the lively area of Makati and has a vibrant yet unique atmosphere. It has pool tables, a bar and a chill-out room as a common area but also has meeting rooms for hire, Skype call booths and a co-working space. Essentially, Lub D appeals to everyone.

From the get-go, you will be taken aback by its modern aesthetics. No lies, Lub D is on par with Margot Robbie in terms of beauty. Everything about it screams modern more than kids not knowing what a VHS is, even the bathrooms are heavy modern and bougie. In terms of location, looks and cleanliness, you can’t complain at all, even if you’re a spud who gets off on complaining.

The rooms follow this theme to a T and are incredible, and we don’t use that lightly at all. The rooms are large and each bed has their own designated coat rack and storage space at the entrance to the room. With there being a storage section of the room it optimises room space despite could easily get by without it and complaints would be minimal. For a room, this size many other hostels would be sardine packing the rooms filled with one too many beds but Lub D really prioritizes comfort over everything, and boy do they exceed in that aspect.

Every bed has a comfy mattress and a reasonable pillow, the beds don’t make any sound at all with them being built structures into the surrounding walls and having a mini staircase up to them instead of ladders. A mini valuables locker is by each bed as well as two lamps and a shelf, every bed has curtains but they don’t go all the way across the bed which kinda sucks. One strange thing Lub D does which gets negative points from us is they put a Bible by each bed. Now the Phillippines may be predominantly Roman Catholic but in a hostel/hotel with many foreigners in it, a Bible by the bed may be rather uncomfortable for some. Maybe in private rooms have it in a draw like a lot of hotels do but not in a hostel dormitory room by your face as you sleep.

With having their bar, two bars in fact, Lub D Makati don’t allow you to bring in your own alcohol or any outside food or drinks for that matter. They want you to drink at one of their bars, even if non-alcoholic drinks, and eat at their rooftop restaurant which closes at 11 pm. It’s a major pain more than a convenience if anything for the traveller in the hostel. For anyone who is staying in the hotel part and on a wee holiday, it’s grand and suits them, but for the budgeting backpacker, it’s not fun at all. It’s all in the prices being expensive when there are many cheaper options for food and drinks all around Makati. It’s a rule that you can easily break and get away with as long as there’s not a wee telltale in your room who will bolt to the front desk crying over you munching a kit kat.

Lub D Philippines Makati is a class stay, you will have a very comfortable stay in one of the nicest hostels you will ever stay in. In terms of everything you want out of a hostel, it has and exceeds the secondary things you look for as well. With only a small amount of inconvenience mainly from the lifts taking forever, Lub D gets an easy Sexiest of the Sexy.

Overall Score: Sexiest of the Sexy


. Clean, modern and very pretty
. Comfy comfy beds
. Lots of room space including a bag storage area and small valuables locker
. Makati is a great and lively area in Manila
. Curtains by beds (don’t cover the whole bed)
. Good WiFi (password is your last name which is cool)
. Good atmosphere, easy to interact with humans
. View from the top floor restaurant is cool


. Bibles by the bed are awkward and a little uncomfortable for some
. No outside food or drink allowed, have to sneak stuff in subtly
. Bars and the restaurant in Lub D are expensive


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