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Top 5 Places To Visit In Central Asia

We here at Loser Travels ‘stan’ Central Asia. Hilarious, we know. Central Asia is an area of the world that you should ‘stan’ as well. Not known for being a hugely popular tourist destination or budding backpacking destination, Central Asia boasts some incredible places to visit, stunning nature, delicious food to devour and fun hats […]


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Mental Health Whilst Travelling

Travelling can give you a huge rush of serotonin. It makes you feel alive. When walking down the streets of a foreign city, basking in the sights, smelling the air that reminds you of a mouldy toilet, you feel free. From the second you step off the plane it just hits you, the feelings of […]

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What Makes A Good Hostel

Ah, hostels. The cheap accommodation that you either love or choose to tolerate for the sake of saving those pennies and being able to travel for longer. Hotels will be the preference of most people unless you’re that guy who wears those baggy trousers they got from Thailand whilst playing the ukulele thinking they’re a […]

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5 Most Underrated Cities In Europe

There are more cities in Europe than beers your alcoholic uncle drinks in a month. Just like the beers he drinks, some be completely underrated. With the sheer amount of cities on the continent, there is no doubt there will be quite a handful of underrated cities in Europe. From the ones that are in […]

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College Backpackers – Toronto, Canada

📍 Kensington College Backpackers Hostel, Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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5 Reasons Why Poland is Underrated

Polska, or as it’s known in English: Poland, is a nation boasting beautiful old cities, great vodka and incredibly passionate sports fans – so passionate it’s rather scary at times. Poland is one of Europe’s hidden gems and is highly underrated as a country. With so much diversity and fascinating countries across the European continent, […]

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Is Cancun Overrated?

If you were to ask anyone what is Mexico’s premier beach destination Cancun will almost certainly be the answer to your question without any form of stutter or hesitation. And they won’t be wrong. Cancun has certainly swiftly kicked Acapulco in the genitals and overthrown it to become the Alpha beach town of Mexico. You […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping In Airports

So you can’t get a hotel cheap enough? Your flight comes in at an awful time and makes you miss check-in at a hostel? Or you’re just a tight wee bastard and fancy saving a few pennies? Then sleeping at the airport is the option for you. For many sleeping on the cold floor, or […]

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Is Acapulco, Mexico Actually That Dangerous?

When you think of the premier beach destination of Mexico the only destination that would come to mind would be the Mecca for American Spring breakers, Cancun. Well for a certain generation that would be the answer. However, if you asked that question to anyone above 50 they may respond with Acapulco before Cancun. For […]

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5 Hidden Gems of New Zealand

When travelling anywhere the touristy places tend to get ticked off, unless you’re that edgy hipster traveller that only goes to places off the beaten path that no one else goes to as you’re not ‘mainstream’. A lot of travellers however deem some places as too touristy, which sort of disservices these locations a lot. […]