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Is Acapulco, Mexico Actually That Dangerous?

When you think of the premier beach destination of Mexico the only destination that would come to mind would be the Mecca for American Spring breakers, Cancun. Well for a certain generation that would be the answer. However, if you asked that question to anyone above 50 they may respond with Acapulco before Cancun. For […]

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5 Hidden Gems of New Zealand

When travelling anywhere the touristy places tend to get ticked off, unless you’re that edgy hipster traveller that only goes to places off the beaten path that no one else goes to as you’re not ‘mainstream’. A lot of travellers however deem some places as too touristy, which sort of disservices these locations a lot. […]

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What Makes Kyoto Japan Unmissable

If you’re wanting the authentic Japanese culture experience without it feeling too watered down then you should strap on your backpack and head on over to Kyoto. A city on the island of Honshu, less than an hour from Osaka, Kyoto is an absolute gem of Japan and an unmissable destination on any trip to […]