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Kapsula Hotel – Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

📍 Qabanbay Batyr Ave 7/3, Nur-Sultan 020000

Imagine if a Japanese capsule hotel and a Kazakhstani hostel shagged each other rotten and had a baby, Kapsula Hotel, Nur-Sultan would be that baby. Ok, not entirely accurate but this lovely Nur-Sultan (formerly known as Astana, formerly known as Akmol) hostel has that Japanese capsule hotel feel with it being advertised as being a capsule hotel however it’s not that full authentic Japanese experience.

Yes, very obvious it’s not a full authentic Japanese experience as you’re in the middle of the capital of Kazakhstan which is 1000000 miles away culturally. However, it does still have that hint of Japanese with it being a proper capsule bed and not just a bed with a curtain. The room size-wise isn’t the most spectacular, half the time when you’re needing to pass someone in the room you’re brushing private parts together and having a wee bit of pre-marital Amish sex, yet it’s not needed with plenty of storage space. Under the bottom bunk of each bed, you’re given a key to a storage drawer which can fit the most girthy of bags in it. Having this storage makes the whole need for a good amount of room space redundant as with having your own private bed within the room and great storage available you’ve got all the space you need.

Dorm Room – Kapsula Hotel Nur-Sultan/Astana

Kapsula Hotel is rather small, like genuinely really small with only 3 rooms available, but it’s filled with character – haven’t we heard that one before, am I right girlies? The kitchen is a reasonable size, pretty large for the size of the establishment and there are two common areas, one with a large table and couches, and one that’s up a ladder with 5 mattresses laid out. The one up the ladder is peculiar but rather nice in a way, the perfect place for a member of staff to sleep and then get annoyed at you for talking in the common area – simmer down sleeping beauty pal. Kapsula is overall a very clean and modern-looking establishment which fits the vibe of the city of Nur-Sultan or whatever they want to be referred to this year. The MVP of the hostel is the beds themselves.

Upstairs Common Area – Kapsula Hotel Nur-Sultan/Astana

Comfort wise it’s not going to win any sleeping beauty pageants, it’s a rather solid mattress with a comfy pillow and reasonable duvet. It’s the space of the capsule bed, the two lights (one being the main roof light and one being some sensual lighting behind your backboard), another lockable storage compartment, a mirror, a lovely backboard you can sit up against, the shelf and the plug socket in your bed that is spectacular and makes it a fantastic bed to sleep in.

Location wise it’s great, you’re round the corner from Keruen City Mall and only a 35-minute walk to the stunning Bayterek with plenty of bus stops around the area. You’re as central Nur-Sultan as you’ll get without sleeping on top of the Bayterek. Wifi is solid in the hostel and the showers, albeit can be cold due to maintenance work on a building next door, are fantastic with plenty of room to shave your legs and arse crack.

It’s pretty hard to say a bad thing about Kapsula Hotel Nur-Sultan (Kapsula Hotel Astana), maybe smelling the place out when taking your shoes off when you arrive kinda sucks but it’s a custom in Kazakhstan. It ticks off every box and is a fantastic hostel and optimises its small stature well. It’s nothing short of a ‘the sexiest of the sexy’ graded hostel and one you need to stay in whilst in the land of Kazakhstan!

Overall Score: Sexiest of The Sexy


. Great location

. Good wifi

. Own private space

. 2 lights in your bed

. Comfy pillow

. Plug sockets by bed

. Great storage space

. Good Common area and kitchen size



. Mattress isn’t that comfortable



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