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The Little Havana Party Hostel – Krakow, Poland

Sesh. Drink. Sesh. Drink. Repeat. The theme of The Little Havana Party Hostel in Krakow, Poland. If drinking all night in a hostel is the life for you then Little Havana, Krakow will be welcoming you with arms wide open for a wee cuddle before you drink the small free beer you get every night.

The Little Havana Party Hostel doesn’t hold back from the fact it’s a massive party hostel. As soon as you check in and as early as booking it online, they inform you very firmly that it’s a hostel dedicated to the sesh and the drinking. Essentially they make it abundantly clear, if you’re not there to party and drink you are likely to be in for a ride, and maybe the hostel is not for you. This is so much the case that they don’t accept bookings for people aged 35 plus, sorry people in a mid-life crisis who have taken a gap year from work to relive their 20’s you’re not allowed.

Seems a little harsh the age rule but it makes sense. The hostel boasts 24 Hour bar with reasonably priced drinks that are constantly playing music amongst the shout of wooos from the American visitors. Drinking is heavily promoted, a small beer between 9 and 9:30 pm is provided by cards you are given that last for the entirety of your stay and there’s a nightly pub crawl for 75 zlotys at 11 pm which includes all you can drink from 10 pm – 11 pm. There’s even a mad public bar underneath the hostel, aye you can see that The Little Havana Party Hostel Krakow is an alcoholic travellers’ dream hostel.

Partying may be the main priority and despite that, if someone died from alcoholism and was reincarnated as a backpacking hostel it would be this one, it’s actually a decent hostel. The room size is ok, could be a little bigger but it’s got plenty of storage for bags under the bed. Location wise is perfect, literally right in the heart of Old Town, Krakow, only a left turn from Main Square. The beds themselves are comfortable and there are plenty of outlets by each bed. For a party hostel, the place is really clean and the fear of needing to drop the kids off at the pool but seeing someone’s Zabka hotdog they had hours prior on the floor must be a rare occurrence (thank you fine imposed by the hostel if puke anywhere but the toilet).

10 Bed Dorm

There are only a couple of downfalls Little Havana, Krakow has. The WiFi is rather meh, can work great some days and then a little pish on others. The kitchen is ok but it’s in the same room as the reception/bar/lounge making that room itself all of that plus a kitchen. Not everyone can carry on the sesh for more than a couple of heavy nights if drinking, for the ones having a quiet one in to recover before heading back out on it a separate lounge would be a massive plus likely to push the overall grading up. However as said more times than needed, it’s party central Krakow, Poland.

The Little Havana Party Hostel is more than just a party hostel. Yes, they love the party more than Winnie the Pooh loves having sex with honey, but they offer a lot, including organised trips to notable sights within the Lesser Poland region such as Auschwitz. A party hostel it may be but a decent hostel overall it is. Very Nice, Very Nice indeed.


Overall Score: Very Nice


. Perfect location

. Comfy beds

. Ok room space

. The premier party hostel in all of Krakow

. The atmosphere is fantastic and very easy to socialise

. Ample amount of outlets by beds

. Good storage




. Nowhere to sit and relax at night if having a quiet one in

. WiFi is a bit hit or miss

. Having a reception, bar, lounge and kitchen in one room isn’t that great.


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