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Lai 22 – Tallinn, Estonia

Have no fear people, we will not Lai to you about anything in this review of Lai 22 situated in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia. Named after the street name and number it lays on, Lai 22 is in the most ideal location you can think of, right in downtown Tallinn, round the corner from the main shopping street of Old Town and only a stone throw away from the Scottish Pub, yaldi!

Tucked away inside an old building the hostel has many layers to it, mainly from how quirky the lay out is. Typically hostels are a very bog standard layout, Lai 22 however is certainly no hostel basic bitch in this term, with lots of mini stairways to different parts of the hostel and really spread out. One of the main perks of the establishment as the reception doubles up as a bar to the public and Lai 22 residents. Despite the bar and the hostels obvious desire for you to purchase their alcohol they have no issue with you doing the old BYOB (Bring Yer Own Battleships).

Room wise the space is fantastic with lockable storage under the bunk beds, lights and plug sockets by every bed. Inside the dorms there is no complaints to be made. The beds don’t squeak, the duvets are reasonable and the mattress doesn’t feel like an old gym class mat. Wifi coverage spreads to every room with a great signal and bathrooms and showers are very clean and spacious. Genuinely nothing to complain about even if you love a moan more than alcoholics love free drinks, there’s nothing to complain about.

A bar in a hostel instantly creates an atmosphere and an environment to meet fellow humanoids. Yet, out with the bar opening times, or the times where it’s a little bit frowned upon to be having a wee couple of beers or 4, there’s still a welcoming atmosphere in the main common area to meet people. The common area isn’t that big, yet it makes up for size in comfort and a projector for you to hook up and make everyone watch some Paw Patrol. Lai’s kitchen is a good size with plenty of space for many people to cook and has a separate area up the stairs to eat, it even has an oven, who doesn’t love an oven!

Lai 22 Hostel would easily be up there in the category of Tallinn’s premier hostels. It’s got everything you need in a hostel with little to none complaints about it. Location is perfect, all the secondary things you look for in a hostel it covers and it’s generally a very good hostel. Only thing that is keeping it out of the highest grade of ‘Sexiest of The Sexy’ is that there’s nothing that sticks out to you that makes you go wow, that’s an amazing hostel. For that Lai 22 Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia receives a very high ‘Very Nice’.


. Perfect Location

. Spacious Rooms

. Common room right next to Bar

. Storage space

. Good kitchen


. Nothing major, just floorboards can be a bit squeaky and people leave toilet seats up a lot


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