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Is Acapulco, Mexico Actually That Dangerous?

When you think of the premier beach destination of Mexico the only destination that would come to mind would be the Mecca for American Spring breakers, Cancun. Well for a certain generation that would be the answer. However, if you asked that question to anyone above 50 they may respond with Acapulco before Cancun.

For the youths of today Acapulco would sound more like a variant of chickenpox than a premier beach destination, yet dating back to the ’40s through to the end of the 60’s Acapulco was the premier beach destination in Mexico. With being home to the largest beach in all of the country and home to some spectacular views, you can easily see why it attracted the likes of Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra to the beach city in the state of Guerrero.

But what happened? Why is Acapulco no longer the premier beach destination of Mexico?

Well to put it simply, a huge rise in gang violence and homicides has turned Acapulco from a bucket list destination to one of the worlds most dangerous cities. Being known as one of the worlds most dangerous cities has destroyed the once-bustling tourism in the city, reducing tourism to mainly Mexicans and the odd few foreign tourists. The hit of significantly less tourism has turned Acapulco into more of a place living in the past than trying to progress forward and reclaim its lost glory. Despite the seismic rise in crime and violence, is Acapulco as dangerous as it’s made out to be?

No, it’s not. Acapulco is actually not that dangerous. Yes, it may be deemed as one of the worlds most dangerous cities and have warnings out there for a reason, but it’s genuinely not that dangerous. All you have to do is stick to the touristy areas and you will be fine. With the only danger being from petty criminals trying to pickpocket you, and taxi drivers trying to scam you into paying 200 pesos for a 5-minute journey.

Wherever you go in the touristy areas of the city you will see military police vans cutting about with multiple military personnel sitting in the back with one guy positioned on a mounted gun. The military police don’t mess around either. They’re so serious about the crime in Acapulco and making it safer they defunded the cities police force in 2018 over concerns of corruption within the force. The military police being prevalent help you feel safe and not even slightly on edge over any potential danger.

Genuinely, Acapulco is relatively safe. Yes, the crime, the gangs and the homicides do exist and do happen but only in the areas tourists should not venture into. Acapulco is a city where you should not even consider going off the beaten path. If you stick by the touristy areas and the main strip you will be fine and have a great stay in this quality beach city!

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